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Be sure that each parameter of this work in a vacuous, it all has to be in full harmony. The behavior of all employees from the top management must convey every detail involved in this process. “Not only is the correct method to help increase customer satisfaction. People treat customers as treated. There want to be very well defined correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. ”

  • Prime: Establish direct contact and smile.
  • Second: Overcome the expectations of guests and seek contact with them.
  • Third: Make the quality of their services is always excellent.
  • Quarter: Give a warm welcome to all any invited.
  • Fifth: Maintain a personal standard of quality in their work.


  • First: Beyond the mere performance of duty.
  • Second: Demonstrate strong initiative team.
  • Third: Communicate aggressively with the guests and the other members of the cast.
  • Quarter: Preserve the magical experience of the guest.

Thank you, Cbittar.
Backstage Disney.

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Development of the proposed value

We will see in the post today, a vision techniques and simple as customers look at the whole concept of our proposal value. Below the characteristics of the value and benefits by customer.

Feature value for the customer.

  1. Mandatory: Varies according to customer’s perception
  2. Contextual: Varies depending on the situation of purchase and available alternatives
  3. Mutidimensional: Customers evaluate the benefits in economic terms, technical, functional, psychological.

Benefits of the Product.

  1. Economic value: money, if the client feels like the quality of competing products, choose Cheaper by the economy.
  2. Functional value: tangible characteristics (attributes, design, durability, applications).
  3. Psychological value: intangible characteristics such as brand, trust, reputation, relationships, experience.

With this we can summarize the view of the customer, the value of the offer in the following equation : Perceived value = perceived benefits / perceived costs.

In the next post will most detalhhes about what are and are classified as the benefits of the product and the cost is.

Thank you, Cbittar. | Source Study: FGV Management

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