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Being Seller – Conscious Decision

Ever wanted to be a salesman someday? Never? But I tell you is born seller, the difference is not always who you put these into practice speaking skills, by prejudice or even lack of technical knowledge. Well actually only the fact of writing this article, so I features a seller, funny huh. . . Well, good reading and you discover that the seller within you, is my wish. – Ass: Ghanem, Carlos (a seller)

If they ask you whether you are a seller, you can respond two ways. The first: “No, I’m not a salesman.” Behind this
answer a number of beliefs, prejudices, experiences or information that led him to believe that there is a seller. If
these factors are negative for you, then be a seller is offense. You must believe that the professional is a person with little education and without its moral basis. The second answer: “Yes, I am seller”. And that assertion probably
also would end belief, value, experience or information to be seller is above all be a winner. It would be a compliment to any professional. Being seller is ceasing to be offensive. When an advertisement refers to himself or when someone refers to him as a salesman is a qualification efficiency their work. It is a very big compliment. CEOs refer to themselves as sellers. We have examples career success, which reached the top, from a position seller. In his autobiography, Lee Iacocca reveals that graduate in engineering, after an internship at the factory, began his career from the field, working at a Ford dealership.

No would be necessary to list the great personalities and winning sellers, who are tired of you know, like Lee Iacocca, Akio Morita, Rolim Amaro, Silvio Santos and others who have done so much to humanity, not sold, but there was always someone who do for them and for them as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

The act of communicating is already a sale. Someone send someone an idea, a thought, leading to an action. The motivation is is an act of sale. Someone motivate others to do something. Its power-related position within the family, as father, mother or older brother, takes the other to do what you want. The school is the same thing. With our friends too. The work then becomes more noticeable. Being seller has to do with leading people and situations. Managing conflicts of interest, broker desires desires and solve problems.

Think about it! Book: Negotiation Skills

Thank you, Cbittar.

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Make your team its trademark

  • Set the perfect candidate
    • Technical Competence
    • Competence management
    • Technological Competence
    • Competence as leader
  • Do not look for a clone of someone who left the company
  • Look good professionals in areas unlikely
  • Involve the team operates in the selection process
  • Select for talent not the curriculum
  • Look for someone who has facility to join the team
  • Hire people more skilled and talented than you
  • Describe the position in detail
  • Check the tenderers in person
  • Ask questions revealing
  • Use structured interviews where possible
  • Find out what really matters for candidates
  • If possible ask the candidates to demonstrate their knowledge
  • Select the best candidate for the job and not the available
  • Look for people to train and promote
  • Do appraisals in development
  • Learn to recognize when the vacancy and the talent is not in line
  • Step down quickly and gently
  • Do not lose touch with employees leaving the company

Making a team’s success depends not only on you. Never too late to review processes and implement improvements.

“Make your team its trademark”

Creating Magic – Lee Cockerell

Thank you, Cbittar.

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How to manage when you have no control?

Malone says that we need a new model, moving from command and control to coordinate and cultivate. “No matter how much we talk about the new types of management, the majority still have in mind an old management model: the command and control.

The teacher sets that coordinate and organize the work so good things to happen, whether you are or not in control. “Some types of coordination are centralized, others decentralized.” Malone explained that focuses on coordinating the activities that need to be made and the achievements between them. Farming, by contrast, focuses on the people doing activities: what they want, in that stand, and how they can help each other.

For Malone, cultivate and bring out the best in our employees using the right combination of control and yield. “Sometimes you need to give commands from the top down to people, but sometimes just need to help them find and develop their own natural forces.” The proper cultivation involves finding the right balance between centralized control and decentralized.

“Coordinate and cultivate are not opposed to command and control,” he said. Are sets that include command and control, as well as many approaches to management of completely centralized to completely decentralized. When thinking about the administration in terms of coordinating and growing, you open a new range of models, getting rid of the old centralized mindset. And this is what it takes to be an effective manager today: the ability to move flexibly in the continuum of decentralization according to the situation.

Malone explained that when the manager thinks that his role is to manage an organization, limits your options: You can set clear goals or ambiguous, may delegate a lot or little, can motivate by reward or punishment, can monitor the behavior and outcomes. “Understanding these options and how to choose between them has been essential to success in hierarchical organizations that dominated most of human history.” But if the manager thinks his role is to coordinate rather than just monitor, suddenly has a much richer set of options. “Many of them are much more suited to organizations increasingly decentralized today,” said Malone.

For the teacher, in general, coordinate just means to organize work, or ride the activities so that desirable results may occur. More specifically, coordination involves establishing three fundamental conditions – capacity, incentives and connections – that allow a group of people to produce good results.

Paradox standards

“The strict standards on the right parts of a system can allow much more flexibility and decentralization in other parts of the same system.” In most real markets, buyers and sellers interact with each other in a free and flexible because follow a set of standards. They specify prices in currencies standardized.

“When people make their own decisions, it is essential to establish consistent standards.” The Internet, for example, rigid technical standards, allowing tremendous flexibility in any system. The “managers” of the Internet act as facilitators to define the protocols. Then, anyone who is using the Internet can interact with anyone to achieve their own goals.

“The same thing applies in business,” said Malone. When you have clear standards for evaluating the results of people need not spend much time reviewing and analyzing the decisions of them. Most of these standards is not documented in procedure manuals, forms part of the unwritten culture of the organization.

The teacher argues that managers still play an important role in maintaining the organizational culture that incorporates the standards. “In the future, one of the main responsibilities of all senior managers might be setting the rules, or standards with which the rest of the organization works,” he concludes.
Special Management Program – Thomas Malone 2009
Thank you Cbittar.
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Life as it is.

Life as it is for some really is not easy, for others a little more advantage, for others something “normal.” As a professional in the area of communication / marketing is not difficult to make analogies with life situations and business situations in day to day.

But something makes me really enchanting are the dynamics of film directors that give their characters, can not always say that people with a look and give favorable relationship in love with beautiful women, a chubby guy who is famous in the middle of friends and colleagues, or even that guy unlucky in love that is surprised by a great love. But what many call The Fantasy of American films, it can really happen to normal people like us? It has so much creativity? Looks complicated right, but I will help them better understand; imagine some films in which you have already put in place the main actor as well? Come on.

007, who never thought about being a James Bond? But let us to business. Indeed much of all this fantasy that we see in American movies, but can happen to you. Just be determined and prepared, but the important thing is that nothing is impossible, just what to do and how.

No use of want to go 0 – 100miles in 5 seconds, considers giving always one step at a time. Exceptional not think of something, the best actions are actions of the base, do not try to be what is not, being yourself is the best option. Enhances their strengths, and work to improve the weak, and remember not only useless “coach,” who train, play! So the whining and dreaming of the Fantasy Films of American and make it reality for you.
Important, always knows what she / he thinks, this is an important and beneficial to you, we use this a lot in development of marketing strategies, often know what their customers and competitors think, can save many mistakes and work unnecessary

It values what you and it is that you want!

Thank you, Cbittar (The Loving Adviser).

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Marketing staff, need reasons?

If you need reasons to start your Marketing Staff, here they come.

* Reason 1 –

A marketing plan is a “recipe for cake that can be prepared in a few days, and its contents, in most cases, consists of ideas and easy to use, so start now!

* Reason 2 –

The time runs against you, as soon deploy its marketing plan, the faster your results will be for your career. What are you waiting for?

* Reason 3 –

You probably already have many competitors promoting their careers in the market, and you are left behind. Do not wait!

* Reason 4 –

Marketing staff is a habit, and you need time to get used to this new way of acting in your life, so run!

* Reason 5 –

Marketing staff creates new business opportunities, and new business opportunities, often mean more money. So act now!

* Reason 6 –

A personal marketing plan requires you to conquer other cycles of friendship, this certainly gives a new perspective on pleasure and satisfaction to their personal and professional life. Move!

* Reason 7 –

The plan for marketing staff brings social recognition for years of efforts, studies and work. What are you waiting for, go!

* Reason 8 –

Higher social status is what you get with the professional success achieved by his plan of marketing staff. Go ahead!

* Reason 9 –

The realization of their dreams of consumption, their dreams of travel and many other dreams, can be achieved through the success with the marketing staff. Hurry up!

* Reason 10 –

To conduct business has a higher sense of satisfaction. It is like conquering the summit of Everest, something inexplicable. Why do not you try to start your personal challenge? But we must take the first step. Act now!

Good luck!

Thank you, Cbittar.

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by: Ari Lima.