Institutional Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communication (MIC)

Combining all elements of the compound of communication in a systematic way, you get greater impact than if the communications are disorderly or random. Some marketing managers advocate the use of CIM extends to all communications between an organization and its market, including the impression that it conveys to your choice of distribution channel.

The organization provides its marketing goals and decide how each element consists of communication can contribute to the goals.

The marketing manager must consider how customers are in contact with the organization, its products and messages. By adopting this process, they are focusing on techniques to deliver value directly to the customer target.

Targets of Marketing can be defined:

1 – Creation of awareness – informing the markets about products, brands, stores or organizations
2 – Formation of positive images – include people positive ratings on products, brands, stores or organizations
3 – Identification of potential customers – find names, addresses and possible needs of potential customers
4 – Training the relationship of channel – to increase cooperation between members of the channel
5 – Retention of customers – creating value for customers, meet their needs and wishes and achieved their loyalty.

Think about it!

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