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I Came back!

Hello everybody!

I walked disappeared half, but I am this way again. I promise to place more posts for you. In this mine second phase, we will see a little of everything, I’ll promise! To commemorate the rollback, would like to share a music with you, is the kind of music that taste to hear in the work, editing photos, creating design.

“In Your Atmosphere (LA Song)”

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The Blind Side

Yes, everything to do with the film releasing in USA on November/2009.
Remarkable and interesting movie, something difficult to find in today’s times. The film has little to do with my story (except the part of American Football).

I’m a foster child, my parents never knew, had no perspective on life and did not know where he would arrive.
My family made a difference for today I was who I am. At this point I can say I worked with my blind side. Yes! We have a blind side.

t’s hard to think of it, many things are in our minds we must be strong, warrior and not give up.
You have to learn to fight and overcome the obstacles that life puts in front of us.
Learn to protect yourself, your family and show that it is able to perform difficult tasks.

To me the stories are made of actual events.
I also believe that you can write your story, you’ll make many choices during their lifetime,
and these choices will define how you will be and how people see you.

In the past believed in me, gave me the chance to start a different life now than to live a wonderful life,
I am an agent of change in the lives of others so that they also have the opportunity to start over.
Do not be afraid of your blind side, you can see it the chance it needs to change.

I recommend the movie below:
The Blind Side official movie site here.

Thank you.

That life is transformed from now on.

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“In desperation times, we have a hope, in fear times, have a safe port. When more we do not believe, we can see its Glory, Jesus living to make Your Name High “.

It is not a human right
To stare not fight
While broken nations dream
Open up our eyes, so blind
That we might find
The Mercy for the need

Singin Hey Now
Fill our hearts with your compassion
Hey Now
As we hold to our confession

It is not too far a cry
To much to try
To help the least of these
Politics will not decide
If we should rise
And be your hands and feet

Singing Hey Now
Fill our hearts with your compassion
Hey Now
As we hold to our confession

God be the solution
We will be Your hands and be Your feet
Yeah, yeah

Higher than a circumstance
Your promise stands
Your love for all to see
Higher than protest line and dollar signs
Your love is all we need

Singing Hey Now
Fill our hearts with your compassion
Hey Now
As we hold to our confession

God be the solution
We will be Your hands and be Your feet (2x)

Only you can mend the broken heart
And cause the blind to see
Erase complete the sinners past
And set the captives free
Only you can take the widows cry
And cause her heart to sing
Be a father to the fatherless
Our savior and our king
We will be your hands, we will be your feet
We will run this race for the least of these
On the darkest place, we will be your light
We will be your light

We will be your hands , we will be your feet
We will run this race for the least of these
In the darkest place, we will be your light
We will be your light (we’ll say/sing?)

God be the solution
We will be Your hands and be Your feet (2x)

We will run we will run
We will (run with the solution?) (2x)

We will be your hands we will be your feet
We will run this race for the least of these
In the darkest place we will be your light
We will be your light

© Hillsong United

Thank you, Cbittar

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Your Name High

Faicing the Giants


From the award-winning producers of FLYWHEEL comes a new, action-packed, family-friendly drama about a high school football coach who draws up a new game plan for his team … and himself.

In his six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never had a winning season. Even the hope of a new season is squelched when the best player on his Shiloh Eagles decides to transfer schools. After losing their first three games of the season, the coach discovers a group of fathers are plotting to have him fired. Combined with pressures at home, Coach Taylor has lost hope in his battle against fear and failure.

However, an unexpected challenge helps him find a purpose bigger than just victories. Daring to trust God to do the impossible, Coach Taylor and the Eagles discover how faith plays out on the field … and off.

With God, all things are possible …


What are the giants that you have faced? What is the fear, sometimes we find ourselves in despair, not knowing where to go, (I myself have been through this several times). A decision, a pardon, even the giants that we have to face. But if we are 100% dependent on God, trusting in his love and always doing our best for His honor and glory, the better it will be done.

This is a movie that teaches us a lot, of course, our own life’s movie, where the main actors are we, but who is directing this film with you as the actor’s principal? I hope that you will not take long to learn to depend on the love of God, and understand that he can knock down all the giants in your life.

We are human and subject to failure, and will always fail, but we are regenerated by the grace of God. Do not fear the giants and their challenges, do your best to honor and glory of the Lord and He will.

“In God all things are possible … believe and have faith in Jesus.” (Matthew 19:26)



Thank you, Cbittar

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Hillsong – Emmanuel

JESUS, the reason life.

Hillsong Music Australia // – Álbum: You are my World

(subtitles in Portuguese)

Thank you, Cbittar

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Walk be faith

A song that speaks a lot in my life. Learn to walk by faith takes time, is something that we accomplish each day with grace and mercy of God in our lives. You learn to live by faith independent of any situation.

May God free you from evil, give you His peace. God can do for us more than we think, just trust him. I know it sounds easy for me to talk about “Walking by faith,” because I have proven every day the love of God, I have a beautiful family, a loving wife, friends, work, and I never missed anything. But I pray to God every day asking that when an adverse situation appear in my life, my faith is not shaken.

And what I remember your love for me on the Cross, and all he has done in my life. My sin had a high price and he was paid by Jesus Christ on the Cross. Lord thank you for your love and mercy in my life.

Below music by Jerey Camp + Testimonials.

Will I believe you when you would say
Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say
Every moment of every day

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see it
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You’ve been so faithful for all my years
With the one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ya


Well I’m broken- but I still see Your face
Well You’ve spoken- pouring Your words of grace

Well hallelujah, hallelu
(I will walk by faith)
Well hallelujah, hallelu
(I will walk by faith)

I will walk, I will walk, I will walk by faith
I will, I will, I will walk by faith

Well hallelujah, hallelu
Well hallelujah, hallelu
Well hallelujah, hallelu
Well hallelujah, hallelu

Thank you, Cbittar

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The True Love

Think About it!


The song of Songs, which is Solomon’s.
Let him give me the kisses of his mouth: for his love is better than wine.
Sweet is the smell of your perfumes; your name is as perfume running out; so the young girls give you their love.
Take me to you, and we will go after you: the king has taken me into his house. We will be glad and full of joy in you, we will give more thought to your love than to wine: rightly are they your lovers.
I am dark, but fair of form, O daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
Let not your eyes be turned on me, because I am dark, because I was looked on by the sun; my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vine-gardens; but my vine-garden I have not kept.
Say, O love of my soul, where you give food to your flock, and where you make them take their rest in the heat of the day; why have I to be as one wandering by the flocks of your friends?
If you have not knowledge, O most beautiful among women, go on your way in the footsteps of the flock, and give your young goats food by the tents of the keepers.
I have made a comparison of you, O my love, to a horse in Pharaoh’s carriages.
Your face is a delight with rings of hair, your neck with chains of jewels.
We will make you chains of gold with ornaments of silver.
While the king is seated at his table, my spices send out their perfume.
As a bag of myrrh is my well-loved one to me, when he is at rest all night between my breasts.
My love is to me as a branch of the cypress-tree in the vine-gardens of En-gedi.
See, you are fair, my love, you are fair; you have the eyes of a dove.
See, you are fair, my loved one, and a pleasure; our bed is green.
Cedar-trees are the pillars of our house; and our boards are made of fir-trees

The holy bible – Solomon’s Song 1: 1 – 17

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Let the words of the Lord, are a guide for your life.Why is there no reason in our lives without the presence of the Lord. Thank God every day for being alive and the opportunities it has given to you.

PSALM: 1:1-6

1 Happy is the man who does not go in the company of sinners, or take his place in the way of evil-doers, or in the seat of those who do not give honour to the Lord.
2 But whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and whose mind is on his law day and night.
3 He will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, which gives its fruit at the right time, whose leaves will ever be green; and he will do well in all his undertakings.
4 The evil-doers are not so; but are like the dust from the grain, which the wind takes away.
5 For this cause there will be no mercy for sinners when they are judged, and the evil-doers will have no place among the upright,
6 Because the Lord sees the way of the upright, but the end of the sinner is destruction.

God bless you! Thank you, Cbittar.

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Think – Proverbs 3


1     My son, forget not my law; But let thy heart keep my commandments:
2     For length of days, and years of life, And peace, will they add to thee.
3     Let not kindness and truth forsake thee: Bind them about thy neck; Write them upon the tablet of thy heart:
4     So shalt thou find favor and good understanding In the sight of God and man.
5     Trust in Jehovah with all thy heart, And lean not upon thine own understanding:
6     In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he will direct thy paths.
7     Be not wise in thine own eyes; Fear Jehovah, and depart from evil:
8     It will be health to thy navel, And marrow to thy bones.
9     Honor Jehovah with thy substance, And with the first-fruits of all thine increase:
10     So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, And thy vats shall overflow with new wine.
11     My son, despise not the chastening of Jehovah; Neither be weary of his reproof:
12     For whom Jehovah loveth he reproveth; Even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.
13     Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, And the man that getteth understanding.
14     For the gaining of it is better than the gaining of silver, And the profit thereof than fine gold.
15     She is more precious than rubies: And none of the things thou canst desire are to be compared unto her.
16     Length of days is in her right hand; In her left hand are riches and honor.
17     Her ways are ways of pleasantness, And all her paths are peace.
18     She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: And happy is every one that retaineth her.
19     Jehovah by wisdom founded the earth; By understanding he established the heavens.
20     By his knowledge the depths were broken up, And the skies drop down the dew.
21     My son, let them not depart from thine eyes; Keep sound wisdom and discretion:
22     So shall they be life unto thy soul, And grace to thy neck.
23     Then shalt thou walk in thy way securely, And thy foot shall not stumble.
24     When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: Yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet.
25     Be not afraid of sudden fear, Neither of the desolation of the wicked, when it cometh:
26     For Jehovah will be thy confidence, And will keep thy foot from being taken.
27     Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, When it is in the power of thy hand to do it.
28     Say not unto thy neighbor, Go, and come again, And to-morrow I will give; When thou hast it by thee.
29     Devise not evil against thy neighbor, Seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.
30     Strive not with a man without cause, If he have done thee no harm.
31     Envy thou not the man of violence, And choose none of his ways.
32     For the perverse is an abomination to Jehovah; But his friendship is with the upright.
33     The curse of Jehovah is in the house of the wicked; But he blesseth the habitation of the righteous.
34     Surely he scoffeth at the scoffers; But he giveth grace unto the lowly.
35     The wise shall inherit glory; But shame shall be the promotion of fools.

*** Proverbs 3:1-35

Thank you, Cbittar.

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The Bridge

The Bridge.


A man who had to choose between the life of the child and hundreds of people in a train .. the movie is the love of God for us wonderful.

Enjoy! Thank you, Cbittar

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