Being Seller – Conscious Decision

Ever wanted to be a salesman someday? Never? But I tell you is born seller, the difference is not always who you put these into practice speaking skills, by prejudice or even lack of technical knowledge. Well actually only the fact of writing this article, so I features a seller, funny huh. . . Well, good reading and you discover that the seller within you, is my wish. – Ass: Ghanem, Carlos (a seller)

If they ask you whether you are a seller, you can respond two ways. The first: “No, I’m not a salesman.” Behind this
answer a number of beliefs, prejudices, experiences or information that led him to believe that there is a seller. If
these factors are negative for you, then be a seller is offense. You must believe that the professional is a person with little education and without its moral basis. The second answer: “Yes, I am seller”. And that assertion probably
also would end belief, value, experience or information to be seller is above all be a winner. It would be a compliment to any professional. Being seller is ceasing to be offensive. When an advertisement refers to himself or when someone refers to him as a salesman is a qualification efficiency their work. It is a very big compliment. CEOs refer to themselves as sellers. We have examples career success, which reached the top, from a position seller. In his autobiography, Lee Iacocca reveals that graduate in engineering, after an internship at the factory, began his career from the field, working at a Ford dealership.

No would be necessary to list the great personalities and winning sellers, who are tired of you know, like Lee Iacocca, Akio Morita, Rolim Amaro, Silvio Santos and others who have done so much to humanity, not sold, but there was always someone who do for them and for them as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

The act of communicating is already a sale. Someone send someone an idea, a thought, leading to an action. The motivation is is an act of sale. Someone motivate others to do something. Its power-related position within the family, as father, mother or older brother, takes the other to do what you want. The school is the same thing. With our friends too. The work then becomes more noticeable. Being seller has to do with leading people and situations. Managing conflicts of interest, broker desires desires and solve problems.

Think about it! Book: Negotiation Skills

Thank you, Cbittar.

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