The Difference

One of the great difficulties of the service is to delight the customer. How to pay for something you do not know? Below is a letter from a customer of Disney thanking his experience in one visit. That example is a motivator to create alternatives to delight the customer, to streng then the mark and create great experiences.

Dear Disney:

Recently, my family enjoyed a wonderful holiday in Magic Kingdom. But one event has really seen our magic.  We arrived at the front of the line for Space Mountain, and there were only informed that our daughter Gloria could not take the ice ride. Sure, we should have guessed it from the beginning, but it was so great excitement that we are there to even think. Gloria began to cry and we do not know how to act. Then that one of the cast members – Murphy – arrived, and bent Gloria told that she would take care of your ice cream and return it. When the ride was over. Gloria said: “Promise?” Then gave Murphy’s ice cream and enjoyed the ride. On output, the new friend Gloria was there with an ice cream. We know very well what happened, because ice cream does not last 20
minutes on a summer afternoon in Florida. Murphy knew the time our departure, was to stand closer and bought another ice cream 30 seconds before we walked through the exit. Gloria said: “Thank you, but I believe that, like the child, thought it was the same ice cream cone. We know that she came out of routine to make our special visit. Thank you for doing something above and beyond the normal!

Your fan, Carmem Rivera.

Backstage Disney.Tom Connellan

Think! Thank you, Cbittar.

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