Make your team its trademark

  • Set the perfect candidate
    • Technical Competence
    • Competence management
    • Technological Competence
    • Competence as leader
  • Do not look for a clone of someone who left the company
  • Look good professionals in areas unlikely
  • Involve the team operates in the selection process
  • Select for talent not the curriculum
  • Look for someone who has facility to join the team
  • Hire people more skilled and talented than you
  • Describe the position in detail
  • Check the tenderers in person
  • Ask questions revealing
  • Use structured interviews where possible
  • Find out what really matters for candidates
  • If possible ask the candidates to demonstrate their knowledge
  • Select the best candidate for the job and not the available
  • Look for people to train and promote
  • Do appraisals in development
  • Learn to recognize when the vacancy and the talent is not in line
  • Step down quickly and gently
  • Do not lose touch with employees leaving the company

Making a team’s success depends not only on you. Never too late to review processes and implement improvements.

“Make your team its trademark”

Creating Magic – Lee Cockerell

Thank you, Cbittar.

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