You really hear your customer?

Many of us know the importance of listening to the customer, but do not really know how to listen to them. We put systems in 0800 (SAC – System of Customer Service), Web forms and more.  But each one of us is an agent of change within the company, and we also do this role of “Listening to the customer.” Down the stretch of a story by touch (Nicole – Member of the Disney Cast), which illustrates the excellent way that our role.
What is your best place to listen, to understand what customers really think about your service or product? Think about it.  – Below excerpt from the story of Nicole – (Tom Connellan – Behind the Scenes of Disney)

… There several years, was manager of food and drinks in the hotel Polynesian. It was Fourth of July, a very busy night. In Actually, I was so busy that we use a banquet hall usually reserved for conventions and turned it into a restaurant for that night, and even then, people had to wait up to an hour for a table. “I was casually standing in the lobby when a man was to ask the receptionist how long it would take to his desk ready. Thirty minutes, “she said. He returned to the place where was his wife, both standing. I was going the same direction.

When I passed by them, I overheard the excuses that he asked the woman. When it seemed, was the tenth wedding anniversary and he had forgotten to make a reservation. “At that point, had two options. Continue in my path or do something about the situation. I returned to receptionist and she suggested that the couple’s first table available, and we told the waiter that would serve as was the tenth anniversary of their marriage. That’s what she did, and just giving luster to your visit. “…

Thank you, Cbittar.

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