Success Lessons from Disney.

I am reading two books that deal with the strategies of Walt Disney, the greatest example we have today in service excellence.I’m preparing for various post address and share with you the lessons learned.

Below a little of what comes around.
Some of the lessons of success of Disney

  • How to assess customer satisfaction by obtaining data concrete quickly.
  • Using powerful methods with the cards Guest Service Fanatic and Spirit of Disney Award to recognize, celebrate and reward the efficient work.
  • How to answer questions like: “What time begins the parade of three o’clock? “
  • How to tailor the recruitment and training of its company based on successful programs such Traditions, Wish upon a Star We’ve Come a Long Way, Mickey.
  • How to produce in their outside vendors feel partnership, causing them to become part of your team.

To Disney “The most well-finished someone who dared to dream”.

Thanks for visiting, your feedback is very important for the continuous improvement of the posts, Cbittar.

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