Publicity be.

Advertising does not eat, enjoy the product.
Advertising does not smell, feel the fragrance.
Advertising does not ring, examine the design.
Advertising is not the answer, creates another question.
Advertising not conquest, persuades.
Advertising is not destiny, it has target.
Advertising does not hear noise, you hear noise.
Advertising does not speak, sends verbal message.
Advertising does not address, looking square.
Advertising does not listen, decodes the message.
Advertising have no idea, does brainstorm.
Advertising does not receive reply, receive feedback.
Advertising is not memory, is register.
Advertising does not read, deciphers the code text.
Advertising does not ask, do research.
Advertising does not hear music, listen soundtrack.
Advertising is not listed, has mailing.
No advertising copy, is inspired.
Do not see outdoor advertising, outdoor media sees.
Advertising does not manage, is test-drive.
Dies not advertising, is its life cycle has reached the end.

Thank you, Cbittar.

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