Fast and Flexible

It is no secret to anyone that change is the dominant reality of the world. Not even aware that the pace of change is ever faster. There are two inter-related forces that determine the current economic outlook: technology and globalization.

Technological development, especially after the proliferation of the Internet has changed completely the way forward for organizations of all levels. Technological advances change the patterns of thinking of people. Introduce a new code, and thus creates a new language. This was technology, with new tools that he introduced, which allowed the phenomenon of globalization gain strength. The vision of “global village”, of which Marshall McLuhan talked about in the 1960s, is now a tangible reality.

There are other forces that drive change and contribute to the improved economy. The monopolies are disappearing due to increasing deregulation, which allows the entry of new competitors, which was previously vetoed. Privatization, which has put in the hands of private services that used to be provided by government agencies, also has generated major changes in economic outlook, opening it further. The opening of markets at all levels has meant that today the picture is becoming less predictable. Therefore, it is crucial to be increasingly adaptable. Companies can no longer rely on old practices of business, which until not long ago, they were unquestionable truths.

Traditionally, there were certain practices winning marketing, to companies that promised success. However, we can no longer apply these rules, mathematical formulas are not absolute and each one has its setback. Describe in detail each and can not be applied more clearly.

1. Winning through the highest quality. There is only one standard of quality. Different customers prioritize different aspects of the same product. It is also increasingly the homogeneous level of quality that reach the different competitors in a market, and reach the maximum level of quality can be very costly and may threaten the profitability of the business.

2. Winning by a superior service. The order of importance of the attributes of a service is not the same for all customers, so it was difficult to consider all evenly.

3. Winning by the low prices. The effort to lower costs to get the best price can jeopardize the quality of the product or service offered.

4. Winning through greater market share. Not guarantee success. There are many leading companies in its markets, which in size and its infrastructure can not keep profitability.

5. Winning through the adaptation and customization. This effort can generate very high costs.

6. Winning through the continuous improvement of the product. There are certain products that quickly reach the limit of their possibilities for improvement.

7. Winning through innovation of product. The percentage of failure in launching new products is high, so that such action is dangerous.

8. Winning through the incorporation of high-growth markets. In this type of market, products have a high obsolescence and continuous investments are necessary to ensure the permanence of the company, which generates very high fixed costs.

9. Win by overcoming the expectations of customers. Customers are increasingly demanding and companies need to make if I can meet your expectations extremely high.

How to develop, then a winning marketing strategy?

There are no magic recipes below. There are no universal laws to guide the movements in the current economic context. Home company must forge its own structure, quality and marketing activities. A solid strategy differentiate a company from its competitors. A sound strategy is not easy to imitate, because that includes many variables in the strategic architecture.

The challenges that businesses face today are enormous. On one hand, satisfy the consumers of their products and services which have become more demanding, be sensitive to prices, have high expectations, be insensitive to the mark and be much less fair. To satisfy consumers, which is essential to develop a strategy under-measure. The companies that make smart marketing improve their knowledge about the customer and the technology of connection with him. Invite you to participate in the design of the product, integrated marketing communications, call for more technologies are available to its customers and will be joined permanently to their distribution channels. In short, offer a higher value.

The future is now

In 1999, I wrote it as the marketing of 2005. I will read those words and I am faced with a description of all the companies that now focus on the future.

There is “disintermediation” considerable between wholesalers and retailers. Retailers, therefore, instead of selling a variety of products, sell an experience. It is important to create development plans of loyalty to retain customers who are increasingly less reliable. The databases are continuously updated and offers are adapted to the preferences of each client. Many organizations able to adjust the figures of profitability by segment, individual consumers, products and channels.

The interaction of organizations with their environment is growing. The traditional advertising no longer exists. Companies decide to allocate more of their advertising budget to non-traditional ways of promotion. It is clear that the way to proceed in the markets to change the pace at which changes the world. Firms to be successful-and-now are those who make certain that your marketing is as dynamic as the world in which we live.

By Philip Kotler is the award-winning author of Marketing Management, among other more than 20 books whose sales exceed five million copies in 58 countries. Kotler is one of the speakers of the World Forum for Marketing and Sales of the HSM, which happens on 18 and 19 August in Sao Paulo.

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