A popular saying says: “A picture is worth more than thousand words”.

And this is true, imagine the marketing campaign today without pictures? The visual identity that the consumer creates with your brand is crucial. Already thought of the Nike ads with athletes?

Another important point that I call the “Imageexperience “, is the fact of working in the power of image ads to the experience of the public with the product, company or service. A “Imageexperience” will influence the way of seeing and thinking of the consumer. Not imagine the pleasure of driving an offroad on the roads of Texas, made a Testdrive not.
Imagine being an athlete using Nike 5.0 has the experience and you are the athlete. Not imagine a Coke in one day of heat, sun, beach, field, has the experience and proven Coke.

I would challenge you to, (essential for practitioners of Marketing / Advertising), leaving the routine, try new products, has further assessments. Ever thought of changing the perfume? Buy another brand of car? Drink another soda? You also participate in “Imageexperience”.

Thank you, Cbittar

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